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Specialty Packaging Solutions

Protective Packaging Fabrication - Protective Foams, Boxes, and Films

Packaging Design provides you with custom packaging solutions for all of your product packaging needs because we tailor your packaging to the environment and stresses your product will be exposed to. We offer the following solutions to protect your products:

Package Design

Packaging Design knows that it's important to you to balance total cost vs. product protection. That's why we provide a custom packaging design that offers the least chance of damage, while remaining cost-effective. By analyzing with detail your particular requirements, the experts at Packaging Design will design and manufacture a protective solution that will guard your products from hazards, and minimize packaging and assembly time.

Custom Design and Manufacture of Protective Packaging

Through discovering your product's physical environmental hazards (product environment, warehouse environment, transportation environment, and end-use environment) we derive the best packaging solution to meet your needs. Our extensive prototyping and testing ensures that your specialty packaging solution is not a "one size fits all" proposition, but a truly customized design for your product.